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SAP Identity Management involves the entire administrative conglomeration let be it the individual, a system, a company, a group or for that matter let be it a country. Identity management is established to manage, obtain and maintaining the set roles and accessibility rights of all network users. The management is enabled to effectively control the access to vital and important aspects of business or corporate information. The vital goal of IDM is very simple; one identity one person. From the time the Id (identity) is fixed it is to be continuously monitored and managed throughout the defined cycle of functioning. SAP IDM provisions access tools to users and change user roles, monitors and controls activities thus derive security policies for management to run smoothly with least effort to adhere to security policy.

SAP Identity Management Plays a very vital role in establishing direct relationship between the company and its employees using it and is a guiding factor for safety, security and productivity of a company/corporate. SAP Identity Management not only securitizes but also improves productivity through which an organization can improve and grow. Identity Management also brings in a sense of responsibility and fulfillment amongst employees thus more satisfying. In SAP Identity Management, security percolate down from central control offering direct access control, reduction in complexities and costs are achieved.

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